Complete GeoDH course

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Section A – Geothermal
1.1. Overview of geothermal energy (A. Nador – MFGI) Section-A-Geothermal- Part-1
1.2. Geothermal energy uses (A. Nador – MFGI)
1.3. Environmental aspects and sustainability (A. Nador – MFGI)
1.4. Geo Geothermal energy resources for geoDH – potential and national characteristics (webmap viewer) (A. Nador – MFGI) Section-A-Geothermal- Part-2
1.5. Geothermal project’s phases and concepts (Ch. Boissavy – AFPG) Section-A-Geothermal- Part-3
1.6. Drilling technologies (Ch. Boissavy – AFPG) Section-A-Geothermal- Part-4
1.7. Production, operation and management of geothermal energy resource (Ch. Boissavy – AFPG) Section-A-Geothermal- Part-5
Section B – District heating
2.1. Introduction (M. Hofmeister – DDHA, S. B. Lorenzen – DGE) Section-B-District -heating
2.2. IPlanning (M. Hofmeister – DDHA, S. B. Lorenzen – DGE)
2.3. Geothermal plant (M. Hofmeister – DDHA, S. B. Lorenzen – DGE)
Section C – Non technical issues


Regulations, standards and codes (L. Angelino – EGEC,
E. Demollin-Schneiders – Gemeente Heerlen)


Environmental issues and social acceptance (V. Schmidle-Bloch – AFPG, D. Boncani, L. Torsello – COSViG) Section-C-Non-technical-issues-Part-2


Risk insurance (P. Dumas – EGEC) Section-C-Non-technical-issues-Part-3
3.4. Financing costs, investment analysis (P. Dumas – EGEC)
Best practises – examples of geothermal district heating systems operating in Europe (to be selected by organisers of particular training courses)