National Workshop, Budapest, Hungary, 03/12/12

Project overview by Philippe Dumas

Geothermal district heat potential of Europe (Dr. Annamária. Nádor, Vera Maigut, László Zilahi-Sebess – Geological and Geophysical Institute of Hungary)

Contribution of the Hungarian geothermal energy sector for the development of heating-cooling: best national examples (Attila Kujbus – Geotermia Expressz)

Introduction of the National District Heating Action Plan in the frame of the energy strategy of Hungary, with a special attention on the geothermal-based systems (Dr. Ottó Toldi – Ministry of National Development, Gábor Szita, Zsuzsanna Vitai – Hungarian Geothermal Association)

Financing possibilities of geothermal district heating projects (Gábor Kiss – European Bank for Reconstruction and Development)

Financial support schemes (Zita Dibáczi – National Environmental and Energy Center)

Geothermal district heating projects (Péter Lipták – Pannergy)

Geothermal district heating – municipality approach
experiences from an operating system (János Ádók – Hódmezővásárhely)
aspects of a potential operator (Dr. Péter Práczki – Vecsés)