National workshop in Krakow, Poland, 19 of March, 2013

GEODH Project overview: (Luca Angelino – European Geothermal Energy Council)
Prognoses of RES heating sector development in Poland: Ryszard Wnuk – National Energy Conservation Agency, RES Department
Resource basis for geothermal energy uses for heating in Poland: Marek Hajto – AGH UST Faculty of Geology, Geophysics & Environment Protection, Department of Fossil Fuels
State and development prospects for geothermal district heating systems in Poland: Wieslaw Bujakowski, Leszek Pajak – PAS MEERI Renewable Energy Division
Prospects for RES heating sector development in Poland in the light of governmental documents: Malgorzata Turalska – Ministry of Economy, Renewable Energy Department
The concept of geothermal energy development in the Polish cities, with emphasis on district heating systems and PGS actions in this regard: (Zdzislaw Bociek – Polish Geothermal Society)
GeoDH WP3 Questionnaire survey: Beata Kepinska – PAS MEERI Renewable Energy Division
Geothermal district heating systems in Poland – case studies:
the Podhale region: Czesław Slimak – PEC Geotermia Podhalanska SA
Mszczonow Municipality (Marek Balcer – Geotermia Mazowiecka SA)
Main legal and formal procedures in geothermal heating projects in Poland: Barbara Tomaszewska – MEERI PAS
National, regional and local barriers in geothermal district heating systems’ realization in Poland –round table (legal and formal aspects, economic aspects)