National Workshop in Piancastagnaio, Italy, 11th December 2012


9.15-9.30 Greetings from Piancastagnaio Mayor

9.30-9.50 Introduction to GEO-DH Project –Luca Angelino, EuropeanGeothermal Energy Council (EGEC)

9.50-10.15 The potential of geothermal district heating in Europe – Jacques Varet, French Geological National Service(BRGM)

10.15-10.35 International and european state of the art on
thermal and geothermal energies valorisation technologies –
Sauro Filippeschi, University of Pisa

10.35-10.55 District Heating development projects – Carlo Piemonte, Informatics Services and Advanced Technologies (SINTEA)

11.10-12.00 The point of view of companies involved in
district heating projects:

French companies involved in geothermal district heating – Christian Boissavy, French Association of Geothermics Professionals (AFPG)
Italian companies involved in geothermal district heating – Fausto Ferraresi, HERA
Tuscan companies involved in geothermal district heating – Roberto
Amidei, Geo Energy Service (GES)

12.00-12.40 Tuscan Municipalities contributions:

Montieri, a district heating in progress, Marcello Giuntini
Pomarance, management and technical advancement of district heating, Loris Martignoni
Santa Fiora, the Mount Amiata experience of a district heating
management, Renzo Verdi

14.30-16.00 Round Table and discussion on barriers that
hinder geothermal district heating on a national basis:

Alessandro Sbrana, University of Pisa
Valentina Marino, Politecnico ofTorino
Giuseppe Forte, Municipality of Pisa
Cristina Nati, Geo Energy Service (GES)
Francesco Rizzi, Sant’Anna Superior School (SSSUP)
Fausto Ferraresi, Italian Association for Urban Heating (AIRU)
Piero Ceccarelli, Consortium for Geothermal Areas (CoSviG)

16.15-16.30 GEO-DH Next steps – Loredana Torsello, CoSviG/ENERGEA,