National workshop in Varna, Bulgaria, 20th February 2013


Welcoming speech from Mr. Dobromir Dzikov –Varnacity consular of Varna district
GEODH project introduction;  Dipl.Eng.Todor Tonev UBBSLA
European vision for geothermal district heating development;  Luca Angelino (EGEC)
Geothermal potential in Bulgaria; Dipl.Eng.Todor Tonev UBBSLA;
Technical possibilities of Bulgarian companies  to utilize geothermal potential; Dipl. eng. Georgi Atanasov
Site visit of geothermal heating: Dipl. Eng. Nedelcho Vichev, executive director of TO STU
Administrative procedure for using geothermal sources; Dipl. Eng. Stoyanka Valcheva, Basin directorate Black sea region;
Challenges in the development of central heating in Bulgaria; prof. Dimityr Rusev, Chairmen of MB of TO STU Varna