Member state France
Case study Coulommiers
Description Coulommiers choose to largely develop geothermal district heating in order to ensure a stable and competitve energy price to citizens, to use local resource and reach a good level of comfort.The heat is exctracted at 1.5 km depth in the aquifer called Dogger. The district heating supplies around 3000 housing.
Region>City>location Paris basin > Coulommiers
Owner Syndicat Mixte pour le Géothermie à Coulommiers
Operator DALKIA
Installed capacity
( MWth)
13,6 MWth
Installed geothermal capacity 13,6 MW 
DH length
19 sub-stations
Inhabitants connected 1850 équivalents logements / prévision : 3000 équivalents logements en 2015-2016
 Operating Temperature of the DH  81°C
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
84°C – 45°C
Geothermal flow
 300 m3/h
Heat Pump
if any
(power in Mwe and COP)
not appicable
Production of heating and/or cooling Heating + Sanitary Water
Dates of begining and end of construction 2010 – 2013
Administration scheme French Mining Code
Investement for
geothermal well
C.f: Slide n°17
(banks, funds, PPP…)
Banks, Funds, “Fonds Chaleur”
Amount of Subsidies
if any
Administrative permits Arrêté préfectoral du 12/10/2012
Cost of the produced MWh 53,8 € Taxes included Before heating network expansion
Taxes 5,50%
Engineering CFG Services + SERMET

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