Member state ITALY
Case study Ferrara
Description Ferrara, Northern Italy, uses the geothermal source in an integrated system for district heating and cooling, together with the heat produced in a biomass plant for solid wastes and methane gas boilers as back-up. The District heating of Ferrara supplies about 320 buildings for the heat producing and about 85 buildings for sanitary hot water. This DH saves 9 000 m3 of oil equivalent.
Region>City>location Emilia Romagna – Ferrara – Casaglia
Owner Hera S.p.A. – Herambiente – Enel Greenpower
Operator Hera S.p.A. – Herambiente – Enel Greenpower
Installed capacity
( MWth)
154,5 MW
Installed geothermal capacity 14MW
DH length
c. 56.000 (double pipe)
Inhabitants connected 578 connected substations – 5.500.000 m3 connected
Design of the DH Eni – Amga – Agea – Hera
subsurface and surface
technical schemes
Subsurface facilities: two geothermal wells and one reinjection well (approx. 1000 m depth)
Surface facilities: 29 MWt CHP WTE plant, two integration plants with 3 and 4 natural gas boilers
 Operating Temperature of the DH 90°C – 60°C
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
105°C – 85°C
Geothermal flow
400 m3/h
Production of heating and/or cooling Heating only
Others uses
(drinking water, cascade uses…)
(banks, funds, PPP…)
Grant  of the Province to the owner – manager
Comparison with fossil energies  110-120€/MWh
Innovation if any  – Multi-source system (geothermal, WTE and natural gas)
Renewable Energy Pole, project under development: a new pilot plant is planned to heat the west part of the city by using geothermal energy and 1 MWth solar thermal energy. This extension of the DH will allow to cover 40% of the city heat demand and to use 91% RES-heat (56,40% will be from geothermal, which ). The system  will produce also 250 kWe and will have 4 stratification storage tanks. This project has been also considered as a best practice example in  Interreg IV C Geopower (http://www.geopower-i4c.eu/index.php?page=bpview&id=22) and in IEE SDH Take-off projects

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