Trnava Galanta

Member state SLOVAKIA
Case study Galanta
Description The Galanta sedimentary geothermal reservoir occurs in the central depression of the Danube Basin. Galantaterm was one of ther first geothermal companies in Slovakia to utilise geothermal water for district heating and production of sanitary water. The geothermal district heating supplies 1300 appartments and a hospital.
Region>City>location Trnava>Galanta
Owner Municipality of Galanta,Slovak gas indutry, a.s., Orkuveita Reykjavíkur and Slovgeoterm, a.s.
Operator Galantaterm company
Installed capacity
( MWth)
25,000 (90% covered by geothermal energy)
Installed geothermal capacity 7
DH length
Inhabitants connected Town has 15147 inhabitants, 1300 appartments and hospital are supplied by GeoDH
Design of the DH Heat output of geothermal water suffices to cover heat demand of the system up to outdoor temperature 0°C. In case of lower outdoor temperatures, gas boilers are started automatically. Four gas boilers with pressure burners with total heat output of 10,6 MWt are installed and used as an peak and backup heat source.
 Operating Temperature of the DH • Heating loop 90/70°C – Radiator heating system in the hospital
• Heating loop 77/52°C – Radiator heating in apartment houses
• Heating loop 52/42°C – Radiation ceiling heating in the hospital
• Loop for hot tap water preparation 55°C – combined system for apartment houses
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
Production: 77-78°C
Geothermal flow
33.7 l/s
Others uses
(drinking water, cascade uses…)
Thermal spa
Dates of begining and end of construction 1995-1996
Investement for
geothermal well
3.5 M€
Comparison with fossil energies  4,500 tons of CO2 saved annually

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