Member state DENMARK
Case study Thisted
Description Thisted Varmeforsyning
(the local consumer owned district heating company)
Region>City>location Thisted
Owner Thisted Varmeforsyning (the local consumer owned district heating company)
Operator Thisted Varmeforsyning
Installed capacity
( MWth)
DH length
219 km
Inhabitants connected 5016 (13000 inhabitants in town)
Design of the DH Water based with pre-insulated pipes
subsurface and surface
technical schemes
One production and one injection well. Absorption heat pumps driven by straw boiler. 
 Operating Temperature of the DH Winter/summer: Supply: 76/70 °C; Return: 40/44 °C 
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
43 ° C / 11 ° C 
Geothermal flow
Up to 200 m3/h
Heat Pump
if any
(power in Mwe and COP)
Absorption heat pumps: 7,7 MWth / COPth 1,7
Production of heating and/or cooling For district heating
Others uses
(drinking water, cascade uses…)
Dates of begining and end of construction 1982 – 1984
Planing of the operation
(from pre-studies to full completion)
1980 – 2001
Organisational scheme  
Administration scheme  
Investement for
geothermal well
6 million euros for two wells
Investement for
geothermal heating station
6 million euros
Investement for
DH network and substation
Not part of geothermal plant
(banks, funds, PPP…)
Owner, former co-owner and EU grants 
Amount of Subsidies
if any
2,3 million euros in EU grants
Difficulties faced Production from cooler reservoir
due to declining transmissivity in first tested deeper reservoir. Tax on power for electric heat pump causing shift to absorption heat pumps.
Administrative permits None
Cost of the MWh sold Not applicable. Consumers pay all costs for heat from the net. This includes network costs and costs for heat production from different heat production units.
Innovation if any The use of absorption heat pumps driven by straw district heating boiler, which makes it free to drive the heat pumps.

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