Mazovia Region

Member state POLAND 
Case study Mazovia
Description Mazovia Region – Mszczonów Municipality (Central Poland – Polish Lowland)  
Region>City>location Stakeholders of Geotermia Mazowiecka SA (total 52 shareholders: 33 individual and 19 legal entities (incl.: 4 municipalities, 2 regional funds for environmental protection & water management, several local ESCOs, municipal services companies, housing cooperatives). Local authorities: 71% shares, regional funds:  27%, other: 2%
Owner Geotermia Mazowiecka SA
Operator Total 8.3 MWth,  incl.: 2.7MWth absorption heat pump (AHP) driven by gas-oil boiler, 1 MWth compressor heat pump (CHP), peak gas-fuel oil boilers 2×2.3 MWth. Average heat production 50 TJ/y incl. ca. 35% geothermal
Installed capacity
( MWth)
4156 m (incl. ~  250 m separate part supplied by compressor heat pump, CHP)  
Installed geothermal capacity 67 geoDH receivers (in 44 buildings), ~31% of flats, 3030 inhabitants (ca. 50% of Mszczonów city population)
DH length
Preinsulated pipes
Inhabitants connected Separate files
subsurface and surface
technical schemes
90/70°C and 70/50°C for geoDH cooperating with compressor heat pump, CHP (since 2012)
significant pictures if any 41 – 41 max. discharged water temperature (60 m3/h), no injection (wide range of heat extraction, down to ca. 10 deg. C)
 Operating Temperature of the DH 60
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
6.4 MWth = 6400 kWth
Geothermal flow
Absorption heat pump, AHP 2.7 MWth (COP ~1,5) + 1 MWth compressor heat pump, CHP since 2012 
Heat Pump
if any
(power in Mwe and COP)
11.8 5 TJ/2012 (ca. 40% of heat produced by geoDH in Mszczonów), no cooling
Production of heating and/or cooling part of geothermal water stream produced by Mszczonów IG-1 well supplies the pools in recreation centre (“Termy Mszczonów”) since 2008; part of cooled geothermal water after passing CHP (ca. 10 deg C, TDS ~ 0.5 g/dm3)  is supplied as drinking one by local waterworks 
Others uses
(drinking water, cascade uses…)
2000, under constant modenisation and optimisation (eg. 1 MWt compressor heat pump added in 2011 to extract more heat from geothermal water and to extend the geoDH)
Dates of begining and end of construction early 1990s – 2000, including: early 1990s – first concepts and pre-studies (based on information on geothermal water inflow during drilling deep (4119 m) oil-gas exploration well Mszczonów IG-1, 1996 – launch of the investment project “Construction of geothermal plant in Mszczonów” – that stage included, among others, in 1996-1999 reconstruction of deep oil-gas exploration well Mszczonów IG-1 and its adaptation for geothermal water production (from the aquifer  at depths 1602-1714 m), 2000 – completion of geoDH plant in Mszczonów 
Administration scheme single well system (production well only) – oil- gas exploration well drilled in 1976-77 was reconstructed and adapted for geothermal water production in 1996-1999. Costs of reconstruction and adoption for geothermal production: ~1.3 mio PLN /330k eur)
Investement for
geothermal well
by 2000: ~9.7 mio PLN /~2.6 mio eur/: DH plant, basic installations (AHP, gas boilers, etc.), geothermal water pipeline (production well – heating plant); 2011-2012 (compressor heat pump + acc. Infrastructure): 2.9 mio PLN /~ 700 k Eur)
Investement for
geothermal heating station
by 2000:~2.5 mio PLN /~620k Eur/
Investement for
DH network and substation
For total investments in 1996 – 2000 – own sources of Geotermia Mazowiecka SA, regional funds for environmental protection and water management, banks (total 10.6 mio PLN /~2.5 mio Eur/: Own sources (52%), subsidies (32%), commercial credit (12%), preferential loan (4%); Total investments in 2011-2012 (installing of 1 MWth compressor heat pump, CHP and auxilliary infrastructure): 2.9 mio eur /~770k eur): 42% own sources, 58% preferential loan
(banks, funds, PPP…)
1996 –  2000; 32%,              2011 – 2012: no subsidy
Amount of Subsidies
if any
No substantial difficulties 
Difficulties faced similar as above 
Administrative permits according to Polish Energy Law cost of energy production is similar to the price of energy sales (incl. all costs of energy source and district heating, for heating sources >5MWth)
Cost of the produced MWh 64 Euro/MWh (net, including distribution costs)
Cost of the MWh sold 37-101 Euro / MWh (net value, including distribution)
Final energy cost structure VAT 23% for heat price (all sources – fossil, RES)
Taxes 14 years

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