Member state HUNGARY-3
Case study Mórahalom
Description Mórahalom has 6 100 inhabitants and has been , in the past 10 years, one of the most dynamically developing regions. A geothermal cascade system was developed to reduce dependency on natural gas by using a renewable heat source. This system consists of two drilled wells, a 1.26 km-deep outflow well and a 0.9 km injection well. Within the project a new district heating system of 2.85 km was established to supply public buildings. The GHG emission is now reduced by 80%.
Region>City>location Southern Hungarian Plain
Owner municipality
Operator municipality
Installed capacity
( MWth)
Installed geothermal capacity 1,5 MWth
DH length
> 1000
Inhabitants connected Municipal and entrepereurial buildings are connected in a city
Design of the DH 3 production wells
significant pictures if any Attached photo in the doc file
 Operating Temperature of the DH 69-40oC and 39-25oC
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
70oC (one well) and 40oC (two wells)
Geothermal flow
1450 liter/min total of the 3 wells
Heat Pump
if any
(power in Mwe and COP)
Heat pump heating station (under construction) and gas engines 45 kWe
Production of heating and/or cooling 19300 GJ/y
Others uses
(drinking water, cascade uses…)
Heat pump station, gas engines, balneology
Dates of begining and end of construction Some parts of the renewable program is under construction
Planing of the operation
(from pre-studies to full completion)
5 years
Administrative permits water management operating permit
Innovation if any Cascade system, complex geothermal-solar system
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