Member state NL
Case study Minewater BV
Region>City>location Limburg, south region of the Netherlands
Owner Municipality of Heerlen
Operator Minewater BV
Installed capacity
( MWth)
 Heat 4MWth
Cold 8MWth
Installed geothermal capacity 10 Megawatt
DH length
8 kilometer
Inhabitants connected 125.000 m2 connected.
175.000 m2 contracted, will be connected
Design of the DH By technical team minewater bv
subsurface and surface
technical schemes
Cluster development
 Operating Temperature of the DH Low temperature 28 degrees Celsius heat
16 degrees Celsius cold
Temperature of the geothermal ressource
(production – injection)
Production 28 degrees
Injection 18 degrees
Production cold 16 degrees
Injection 24 degrees
Geothermal flow
Heat 240 m3/hour
Cold 480 m3/hour
Heat Pump
if any
(power in Mwe and COP)
COP heating 5-7
COP cooling 4-6
Production of heating and/or cooling both
Dates of begining and end of construction 1. mid 2007 – mid 2008 (large backbone)
2. end 2012 finalized mid 2013 (on clusterlevel)
Planing of the operation
(from pre-studies to full completion)
Investement for
geothermal well
€ 5,5 mio
Shallow geothermal in mine.
Investement for
geothermal heating station
€ 1,5 mio
Investement for
DH network and substation
€ 8 mio
(banks, funds, PPP…)
Municipality of Heerlen and funding programmes 
Amount of Subsidies
if any
Difficulties faced Geological uncertainties
Unequal level playing field with fossil fuels
Cost mitigation
Administrative permits 3 and 1 pending (under Heat Act)
Cost of the produced MWh € 6,8 /Gj
Cost of the MWh sold In between € 18- € 25/GJ incl VAT
Comparison with fossil energies  Problematic!
Pay back 50 years for infrastructure
20 years installation
Innovation if any Development to dh smart grid

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